Form Frequently Asked Questions:

How do we log-on?

There is no need to login to access the form. To access the form click the button above.

Will we be given a secured log-in?

This is not necessary. Access the form via the button above.

Will other agencies be able to see our application, or know that we applied?

No. Your submission is only viewable by HIUW Administrative and Technical Staff. Other agencies will not be able to see your application or if you have applied in any way.

Do we need to update our system, or download program/applications? Will it work on our old computer?

The form itself will work in all modern web browsers including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome and Safari. Other programs such as Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word may be needed to view and/or complete the supporting documents which must be submitted with your application.

Can we complete, save and return to it to complete or will I lose it if I don’t get it all done at one time?

There is not an option to save. You should plan on taking some time to complete the form. If you close your browser during the form completion process or your browser session times out, you will have to begin again. We recommend gathering the required forms and date, then complete the entire form at one time. Once you begin, it could take 1-2 hours to fully complete the form.

Can I print as I go along?

Depending on your system configuration and browser settings you may be able to print each part of the form as you are filling it out. This is however optional.

Will it allow me to print when I am done?

No, this is not possible at this time.

Can I go back in to correct something, or will I have to start over?

Yes, there are 11 pages to the form in total. The first page has instructions and the last page has the required uploads section. Once you start to complete the form you may navigate from page-to-page within the form until the form is submitted. Do not select the ‘back’ or ‘forward’ button(s) in your browser. Reminder, there is not an option to save the application, exit, and return at a later time. Note that the form system will not let you proceed to the next page until all fields for the current page are filled in.

Will we get a confirmation that you received our submission?

Yes, you will get two types of a confirmation. First, when you hit the ‘submit’ button, a ‘success’ notice will be shown indicating that the form has been sent to us via email. Also, you will receive to the email address that you listed in the form a notification that the form has been delivered.

Do we need to be able to attach documentation? What if we don’t have a scanner?

In most cases you should be able to get digital copies of these documents. If for some reason you are unable to, in some cases it may be possible to lay the document out on a flat surface and then take a picture of it with a mobile device. You then can convert this image into a PDF using a free tool such as

Will tech help be available?

If you have a problem regarding the form, please send an email to Cheryl Holland, Office Coordinator, at or contact Cheryl at (808) 935-6393 ext. 1. Other technical issues may require your organization to contact its own technicians for assistance.