Chair Ann Ebesuno
Vice Chair Ross Birch
Past Chair Warren Lee
Secretary Jackie De Luz Watanabe
President & Assistant Secretary
Treasurer Keene Fujinaka
Assistant Treasurer Randy Hu


Director Steve Bader
Director Russell Chin
Director Wayne K. De Luz
Director Gregory Gauthier
Director T. Ilihia Gionson
Director Brandon Gonzalez
Director Jeff Gray
Director Jak Hu
Director Jay Ignacio
Director Ryan Kadota
Director Noe Kalipi
Director Randy Kurohara
Director Wally Lau
Director Yuki Ka’ea Lyons
Director Laverne Omori
Director Joni Onishi
Director J.E. Orozco
Director Tonya Ozone
Director Sissie Pittullo
Director Deborah Raiter
Director Dale Ross
Director Jonathan Sloan
Director Charmaine Shigemura
Director Craig Takamine
Director Toby Taniguchi
Director Doug Wilson
Director Rae Yamanaka
Executive Committee: Warren Lee
Community Building: Wally Lau
Finance Committee: Jason Hayashi
Labor Participation: Gregg Gauthier and Ann Ebesuno
Marketing and Communications: Donn Mende
2014 General Campaign Co-Chairs: Harry Kubojiri and Darren Rosario
Human Resources: Cindy Whittemore
Bylaws: James Kennedy, Ph.D.
Strategic Planning: Jackie De Luz Watanabe
Nominating:Toby Taniguchi
Planned Giving: Doug Wilson
Volunteer Recruitment Committee: Charmaine Shigemura
You do not have to be a Board Member to serve on a HIUW committee.
We need advocates who believe in our mission and are dedicated to serving their community.