West Hawaiʻi Island

81-6587 Mamalahoa Highway Building C

Kealakekua, HI  96750      Phone 808-323-2664

Mail: PO Box 1808, Kealakekue, HI  96750


East Hawaiʻi Island

1045A Kilauea Avenue

Hilo, HI 96720



Mission Statement

Strengthening families and fostering the healthy development of children.


Domestic Abuse Shelter Program Goal
Provide victims and their families a safe haven with access to temporary shelter, provision for basic needs (food, clothing, personal care items, etc.), supportive counseling services, and services for children so they may gain self-esteem and overall self-determination.


Sexual Abuse Treatment Services Goal
Provide comprehensive services for families, child and adult victims, non-abusive parents, alleged juvenile and adult offenders and siblings who have experienced intra-familial sexual abuse. Individual, dyad, family therapy and extensive group program treatment services are offered to each available family member and are based on the diagnostic assessment.


Alternatives to Violence – Youth Service Program Goal
Provide Anger Management services and knowledge of the nature and dynamics of violent behavior and teaches youth how to resolve problems with non-violent methods to youths with patterns of assault, controlling behavior, physical, sexual and/or psychological abuse. Participants are expected to take responsibility for their violent behaviors and not to blame others.


blockquoteA woman with three minor children who witnessed domestic violence by the husband sought shelter. She developed a safety plan and received education on co-dependency, parenting, healthy relationships, and the effects on children who witness Domestic Violence. Case management provided her with the necessities to transition to a safe home by assisting her in obtaining food stamps, childcare and household items.


blockquoteFour-year old AZ was sexually abused by her father. Specialized sexual abuse treatment provided her a safe place to rebuild trust, bond with caregivers and learn age appropriate behaviors. She’s able to place responsibility on the offender; not herself. She no longer wets the bed, exhibits sexualized behaviors and can say no to inappropriate touch and tell an adult.


blockquoteCH was the popular kid on campus. He used his anger to bully peers into “respecting” him. Through the Youth Services Program, CH learned the tools and skills necessary to better control his anger and use it in a positive way. Six months after successfully completing the program, he has used these skills to earn respect without bullying others.