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JoAnn Bishop Freed, Executive Director
75-127 Lunapule Road
Kailua-Kona, HI   96740
Phone: (808) 326-7778
Mission Statement:
To support families and communities in providing love and care for our children. Our vision is that all families will provide a safe and nurturing home for their children; all families will ensure that their children will be healthy and ready for school by age five; all children and youth will have the support in developing assets that influence them to make good choices to become caring and responsible adults. Our objective is to build upon strengths, increase resiliency and foster self-reliance through education, training, and linkages to needed services.


Nā Mākua Kāne Maikaʻi O Hawaiʻi Program Goal
Increase father involvement in the lives of children, promote responsible, culturally sensitive fathering practices and increases positive family functioning and healthy lifestyles.


Project e-3 (Enhancing Entrepreneurship through Empowerment) Goal
Increase entrepreneurial skills in youth by providing a sense of belonging in the program and the community through leadership development lessons and activities and develop business plans and budgets for a community project that they create.


blockquoteSaa Abbott’s eldest child of seven was removed from his home and put into ʻohana foster care due to domestic violence by both parents. Saa was understandably resistant to all services. When he finally agreed to visit with one of our father coaches, he warmed up rather quickly and said he was glad that he had the opportunity to speak with other kāne about his situation. He spoke of the challenges he had with living with his wife who had recently been diagnosed as bipolar and schizophrenic. It was determined that his wife needed regular medication to function within the household and she became more stable. After attending the group meetings this father stopped marijuana use and within the last six months has lost 40 pounds. The child has now reunited with his parents and the CWS case is closed. Saa continues to attend weekly meetings and is an advocate for the program, recruiting friends and acquaintances who he feels could benefit from the information and shared experiences.