Patrick F. Hurney
P.O. Box 4619
Kailua-Kona, HI   96745
Phone: (808) 331-8010


Mission Statement
Our mission is to empower families, build community and hope through home ownership for low income partner families.


Help Build Tomorrow Today Program Goalhabitatwesthawaii (1)
Build the foundation for four homes. We hope that the funding from United Way will inspire corporate partners to provide funding to sponsor a room, raise a roof, and light up a home. The additional activity developed through sustainable partnerships and increased corporate donations will allow Habitat West Hawaii to achieve the next stage of Habitat International affiliate status – that of Neighborhood Builder, in which 10-20 families are put into their own homes annually, and reap the benefits of home ownership, a stable living environment, and hope for the future.


blockquoteMy name is Geralynn Bell, and I never fathomed the thought of owning a home until Habitat came into my life. After being a renter for 25+ years, I was introduced to Habitat and that changed my whole outlook on life. I began to truly Dream, Believe, and Achieve. The people involved, the process, but most of all, the true love that come out of the hearts of all. I could only cry with overwhelming joy through every process that took place. All I had to do was fill out an application, present my finances, be a property owner on Hawaiian Homelands, and they took it from there. Once all the paperwork was in place, we blessed and broke ground. In five short months, my home was complete. It’s now been almost a year living in my own home, and I’m still in awe. I welcome anyone to come and see what Habitat for Humanity West Hawaii’s team of angels has blessed me with!