hiacContact Information

Paula Uusitalo
34 Rainbow Dr.
Hilo, HI   96720
Phone: (808) 961-3747


Mission Statement
Providing quality care for elders and challenged adults and support for their families.


Hilo Adult Day Center Program Goalhiadultcare
Provide a safe, socially active daytime environment for aging elders and disabled adults needing services regardless of their ability to pay. The Hilo Adult Day Center program keeps our elders living at home as long as possible with dignity and allows caregivers respite and continued employment. The active programs provide for dignity and self worth, daily mental stimulation and physical activity for those who are in the last years of their lives.


blockquoteK, an 85 year old male returned from the hospital depressed and not able to walk well. A couple months after his wife enrolled him in the Hilo Adult Day Center program, K’s walking had improved and he was definitely happier. His wife receives respite while he attends four days per week and enjoys himself.