Contact Information
Rita Sandi-Palma
440 Kapiolani St.
Hilo, HI   96720
Phone: (808) 934-7852
Mission Statement
Hawaii Island Home for Recovery provides safe housing to persons in need who desire to live free of alcohol and illegal drugs.
Outreach Program & Transitional Program Goal

Provide safe, decent, clean, and sober housing to meet the basic needs of an individual for up to two years. This environment supports residents with the time and services needed to stabilize their lives, identify and address the problems that have lead them to becoming homeless, and build healthy networks of supportive people and services in the community. The program ensures a transition to permanent housing and long-term financial stability.

When Ms. Dorothy S. entered the HIHR program her parole was  initially denied because she was not able to pay the program deposit and monthly fees required by her parole officer. The prison’s initial decision was later rescinded when someone else took care of the payment as a loan to Ms. Shimizu.

Lance S. was laid off of his full-time employment and became a limited hour’s employee. As a result, he became homeless. He stayed in HIHR program for nearly two years. While here, he was able to organize his life and move on to permanent housing. Lance used his Bachelor’s degree in conjunction with a counseling degree to obtain full-time employment at an intensive outpatient treatment program.