Brenda Ho, RN MS, Executive Director
1011 Waianuenue Avenue
Hilo, HI   96720
Phone: (808) 969-1733
Mission Statement
It is the mission of Hospice of Hilo to provide support, comfort and interdisciplinary care to the terminally ill and their loved ones, and to provide education and grief support to the community at large.
Bereavement Support Services Program GoalHospice Candle
Help individuals understand the nature of the grief process, develop abilities to experience, express, adjust and discover effective ways to cope with painful changes. Professional bereavement support offers community benefits as well, helping the bereaved to return to productive and active roles in the community. In addition, our goal to teach children about change, loss, grief, acceptance and transformation. Our camps and groups help children to discover that they are not alone, their feelings are normal, talking heals and enhances memories.
blockquoteI received the most competent and caring counseling from the Hospice of Hilo. I came through a recommendation after a series of life-threatening personal crises’. I had layers of emotional problems and I had no idea of how to address them. I thought I was coming to address my parent’s deaths, my father in November 2008 and my mother in January 2009. With Cathy’s help, I have discovered and named the layers of grief that have been latent and untreated. I have realized the power in recognizing and sorting through the layers. Through the work with Cathy I have been given permission and have given myself permission to start to heal my life at a deeper level, at the roots of the surface causes of emotional breakdown. At times this has been arduous work, and the most meaningful as I become able to experience the freedom of becoming the woman I am meant to become. I treasure Cathy’s care and mentorship and hold dear the Hospice’s place in the community.