Julie Mitchell, Executive Director
101 Aupuni Street, Ste. PH 1014 B-2
Hilo, HI   96720
Phone: (808) 935-7844
Mission Statement:
To Provide a safe environment, an impartial process and trained personnel for the delivery of affordable dispute resolution services to the East Hawaii community.
Program Goal
Familiarize the public with conflict resolution skills that will assist them in solving their own problems and with the alternative to violence and litigation for those times that they need more assistance in problem solving their own lives or advocate for and provide mediation services as a healthier and more satisfying method of conflict resolution.
blockquoteA mother, son and step-father came in to resolve an assault charge against the son stemming from an incident with the step-father. The family had been arguing for a few years over various issues including the son’s sexual orientation. All three came in for mediation and agreed to communication rules which they would all follow. The son went on to college, kept in touch with his mother and based on the agreement reached in mediation, the criminal charges were dropped.
blockquoteAs part of our education and outreach program, Ku`ikahi gave a scholarship to Maave from Puna for the Mediator Training. Maave is of Somoan descent and has 14 children. English is her third language. At the training she shared with one of our mentor mediators that before her husband left her she lived in social isolation. Through her tears she said, “I never knew there was a way to solve problems without yelling and blame.” She found the mediation process incredible. She said she wished she had these skills when her children were young because she could have been a better mother. She is anxious to share her skills with her children. She said it changed her life.