mental health kokuaContact
Gary Michell, M.S.
75-166 Kalani Street., #103
Kailua-Kona, HI   96740
Phone: (808) 331-1468
Mission Statement
All citizens should have the opportunity to live, participate in, and contribute to their communities. Through specially designed services and settings, MHK helps those in Hawaii who are in mental distress, emotional crisis or recovering from serious mental illness achieve their optimum level of recovery and ability to function in the community.


Residential Rehabilitation Services Program Goal
Provide decent, safe and affordable residential housing to adults with severe and persistent mental illness and community-based services to enhance independence and promote recovery. The residential services directly address the ultimate goals of MHK: to provide persons with psychiatric disabilities opportunities to recover, establish roles in the community, develop personal support networks and enjoy an improved quality of life.
blockquoteWhen “Beatrice” came to Mental Health Kokua she was homeless and struggled with symptoms of mental illness. She was successfully discharged, got her own home and was hired as a direct-support worker with a local agency. She said after seeing what the Mental Health Kokua staff had done to help others she was inspired to do the same.