west hawaii mediation centerContact
Janie Chandler-Edmondson
P.O. Box 6234
Kamuela, HI   96743
Phone: (808) 885-5525


Mission Statement
Our vision is of a peaceful island where differences bring people together and conflict is viewed as an opportunity to create understanding among those with diverse interests.


Training Program Goal
Volunteers will learn the skills necessary to become effective mediators. The program also seeks a continued increase in the number of domestically trained mediators in order to meet community needs. Participants who satisfactorily meet requirements outlined by WHMC will partner with the center to serve the West Hawaii Community. Ongoing advanced trainings are offered to enhance mediators’ skill development.


Working It Out Program Goal
Empower children with effective communication and conflict resolution skills. Students who complete the training process will become peer mediators at their schools and assist fellow students in resolving conflicts. The program also provides workshops on communication and conflict resolution for up to 30 students to encourage school-wide participation. The intent of the program is to increase conflict resolution skills and decrease violence among elementary and middle school children.


blockquoteWHMC has provided training to many community members that serve others. Among our volunteers we have nurses, therapists, teachers, retirees, and probation officers to name a few. These volunteers not only use their skills as volunteer mediators but take what they learn into their homes and workplaces. These skills then benefit patients, children, families and organizations.


blockquoteOne teacher shared that, at the beginning of the year, there was a lot of time spent intervening in arguments and scuffles between students. However, after encouraging students to mediate, the number of conflicts reduced. Students also began going straight to peer mediators to resolve conflicts and reduced the number of times teachers had to intervene.