HIUW Finance & HR Manager

The Finance/HR Manager reports to the President/CPO and has the day-to-day responsibility of managing all financial-related activities of the agency. This leadership position includes direct responsibility for accounting, financial analysis, forecasting, strategic planning and on-going involvement with donors, partner agencies and the community. Works with Board and CPO to develop financial goals and budgets, and to review and evaluate employee relations and human resource policies.

In addition to financially related areas and HR, the Finance/HR Manager works with the CPO to increase community awareness, the value and administrative capacity of HIUW; to develop relations and partnerships within business and industry; and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of human resource capital through staff realignment and inclusion of contract workers, interns, and volunteers.  Join our team in making a positive difference in our Big Island communities!

If interested in joining our team, please submit cover letter and resume to info@hiuw.org.


Our organization is an Equal Opportunity Employer.